Meet Jonosha Assist

An AI Moderated Ecosystem Of Essential Tools And Services ForLife & Business

Jonosha Assist is an AI-Copilot that delivers variable rate neo-bank, payments, and financial services that adapt to a young adult's needs by using our proprietary Variable Rate Technology (JVRT). Jonosha removes complexity and overwhelm around the most basic tasks of life and business.

Please Note – At the close of our Pre-Seed funding round, elements of this live data room and daily updates will only be accessible to authorised partners.


Cast of Characters...

Our Team

John Campbell

CEO | CPO | 100% Owner

I am a focused, solution oriented business operator with a passion for solving puzzles. My working career began in the military as a commissioned officer of the ABDF. After leaving military service in January of 2000, I pursued a 20yr career in Security Management as the owner-operator of First World Security Services Ltd. I dissolved FWS in 2020 to pursue my dreams of internet based entrepreneurship and started Florida based internet company, Places Network LLC.

Management Style

I have a unique way of understanding, developing, and uplifting people who work with me that can’t easily be put into words. It’s just a natural thing that happens and has worked well for me over the years

Core Values

Whatsoever things are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, and of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

Philippians ch4 v8


I am the proud father of two estranged Florida based children who are currently transitioning into adulthood without me. I am creating the Jonosha Network as a legacy to them of who I am, and all that I have ever learned as a business person.


When I closed my security company in 2020, I made a committment that any company that I create in the future has to give back as much as it takes; to employees, contractors, clients, customers, and the community. The Jonosha Network is the embodiment of that commitment for me.


Let's call them...

Cody Swifley


While  Cody has not yet been selected for the essential role of CTO, we are prepared to launch the first revenue generating and market discovery phase of the Jonosha project without them. 

Cody will come on board at Phase-2  where alliances have been made and contracts have been signed with adjacent service providers and carriers.  At this point all product offerings and workflows will have been streamlined. 

Cody's only focus at that point will be to develop our  proprietary, and patentable, web and mobile applications to replace our scrappy MVP and bring the full featured Jonosha AI Assistant to life for users.


Potential Cap Table...

Smart Investors


Our Investors understand that the scope of what we are creating at Jonosha Inc is ridiculous, unhinged, froth with political and regulatory obstacles, and are still both brave and crazy enough to bet, against all odds, that the most ill-positioned, unqualified and inexperienced founders in the history of startups, have the grit, determination, and intellectual flexibility to actually pull it off anyway.

They have grasped that, in spite of all the obvious reasons to clutch wallets and run for the hills, this project probably has the greatest potential to impact the economic future of people around the World and, by extension their communities and families, by simply helping each user to be more in control of income and expenses, solving real issues in real time with the help of rapidly evolving AI technology.

How We Serve Customers...

Our Services

To make Jonosha Assist work, these powerful engines deliver full featured services to users of the seemingly nondescript Jonosha Assist dashboard.  They are each, stand alone companies with their own specialized team of qualified operators and API's that integrate seamlessly with the Jonosha Assist Application.

Jonosha Assist

AI Enabled dashboard where users manage all services

Jonosha One

AI Moderated deposit accounts for life and business.

Jonosha Financial

Variable Premium Insurance Products for Life and Business.

Jonosha Network

Easy Networking Platform For Life & Business

Jonosha Capital

AI Enhanced Lending Facility for Life and Business

Jonosha Pay

Easier to manage a budget with a Jonosha Pay Card

Jonosha Talent

Full Featured Staffing Portal for Job Seekers and Employers

Jonosha Office

Ai Enhanced Business Management Software

Jonosha Spaces

Easy Living & Co-Working Spaces For Life and Business

Jonosha Skills

Learn Life and Business Skills from AI Instructors.

Jonosha Flex

Easy Transportation & Delivery Services for Life and Business

Jonosha Acquisitions

We randomly buy boring business in boring verticals

Jonosha Films

Video streaming platform for amateur filmmakers

Jonosha Heart

Social enterprise alleviating the homeless epidemic.

Jonosha Logistics

Freight brokerage powered by AI enabled dispatch and tracking.

Jonosha Stores

Easy Buy & Sell Network for Life and Business

Market Analysis...

Addressable Market

The fintech industry presents a dynamic and growing market opportunity for Jonosha Group. With a well-defined target market, unique value proposition, and comprehensive marketing strategy, we are confident in our ability to capture market share and become a leading provider of financial management solutions.

The financial technology (fintech) industry has witnessed rapid growth in recent years, driven by advancements in digital technology and changing consumer behaviors. With increasing numbers of individuals and businesses seeking convenient and efficient solutions for managing their finances, there is a significant market opportunity for Jonosha Group.

The global fintech market is currently estimated to be  $305.7 billion at 2023, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6% during the current period. This strong growth is attributed to the rising adoption of digital payment methods, blockchain technology, and artificial intelligence in the financial sector.

In terms of target market segmentation, Jonosha Group will focus on two primary customer segments: individual consumers and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). For individual consumers, the convenience, integration, and personalization offered by our AI-powered dashboard will be key selling points. By providing users with a holistic view of their financial accounts, investments, and budgets, we aim to appeal to tech-savvy (and often neuro-divergent) consumers who value simplicity and accessibility.

For SMBs, our comprehensive suite of financial management tools will cater to their unique needs. Features such as automated accounting, expense tracking, invoicing, and cash flow management will enable businesses to streamline their financial processes and make data-driven decisions. This target market is particularly promising, as SMBs account for a significant portion of the global economy, with their numbers expected to grow substantially in the coming years.

Competitive assessments reveal that while there are existing fintech companies offering similar services, few provide the level of integration and simplicity that Jonosha Group offers. Our key differentiators lie in our AI-enabled dashboard, which consolidates multiple financial services into one platform, simplifying the user experience. Additionally, our strategic partnerships with major banks and financial institutions will give us a competitive edge by allowing seamless integration with existing accounts and providing access to a broad customer base.

To effectively reach our target market, we will employ a multi-channel marketing strategy. This will include digital marketing campaigns, social media advertising, partnerships with influencers and industry experts, as well as traditional marketing channels such as print media and local events. By targeting specific demographics based on their preferences and needs, we aim to create brand awareness, generate leads, and drive customer acquisition.

Pre-Seed Runway...

Funds We Need

We confidently present an exciting investment opportunity in Jonosha Inc.

The requested pre-seed funding will primarily be used to accelerate product development, enhance our marketing efforts to drive customer acquisition, expand our market reach, and scale our operations.

The breakdown of our anticipated use of funds is as follows:

- Product Development and R&D: 30%
- Marketing and Customer Acquisition: 30%
- Market Expansion and Operations: 20%
- Team Growth and Talent Acquisition: 20%

By investing in Jonosha Inc., you will benefit from several compelling investment highlights:

1. Disruptive Technology: Our AI-enabled financial management solution with a unified dashboard sets us apart from competitors and positions us as innovators in the industry.
2. Strong Market Potential: The global fintech market's projected growth highlights the immense opportunity for market penetration and revenue generation.
3. Experienced Team: Our dedicated team will possesses deep expertise in finance, technology, and entrepreneurship, ensuring a strong foundation for success.
4. Strategic Partnerships: Key collaborations with reputable banks and institutions provide opportunities for enterprise-level integration and widespread adoption.
5. Scalability: Our business model and technology infrastructure are designed for scalability, enabling rapid expansion into new markets and customer segments.

We invite you to join us on this transformative journey. Your investment will play a pivotal role in accelerating our growth, enhancing our market presence, and revolutionizing financial management for individuals and businesses worldwide.

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Pre-Seed Target
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Post Valuation
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Total Investment
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Investment Cap

A 360° GTM Strategy...

Marketing Plan

Objective: The objective of marketing plan is to create awareness generate leads, and drive adoption for the Jonosha Assist application through an multi-channel go-to-market strategy

Target Audience: The target for the Jonosha Group includes individual professionals, small-medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and financial advisors seeking comprehensive financial management solution.

By implementing this multi-channel go-to-market strategy, Jonosha Group can effectively reach its target audience, build brand awareness, and drive user adoption for the application. Ongoing analysis and optimization will ensure the marketing efforts yield maximum results and contribute to the long-term success of the Jonosha Group application.

Review the full business plan that outlines Jonosha Inc’s entire resource network

Essential Service Estimated Cost (Annual) Estimated Cost (Month) Needed Lor Life Needed For Business
Savings Account
Checking Account
Health Insurance
Life Insurance